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Dinner on the way to Cody


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Cody bound travelers,

I’d love your company for dinner on Friday (9th) or Saturday (10th) if you are in the vicinity of Logan, UT on Friday night, or Jackson, WY on Saturday night.


There’s a great restaurant/pub in Logan called the White Owl that serves excellent food and beer. They have an upstairs deck on the roof with some great views and a college like ambiance. They are located here:


36 W. Center Street

(Between Main & 1st West)

Logan, UT 84321




In Jackson there are several excellent places to dine, but one of my favorites is the Gun Barrel. They specialize in wild game and hand crafted local brews that will keep you coming back for years. They are located here:



The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

Phone: 307.733.3287

Fax: 307.733.6090

862 W. Broadway, Jackson Hole, Wy. 83002




If you are close by and hate to have dinner alone, like I do, please don’t be bashful and come join me.


I know Friday and Saturday may be a bit early for most travel schedules, but I thought I'd give it try anyhoo.

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Greg, my itinerary is not yet set, but Jackson on Saturday night is really likely. If so, I'll look for you at The Gun Barrel.


Best wishes.

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Tentative plans have me in or around Jackson Saturday night. If I'm there, I'll see you at the Gun Barrel.

Can anyone recommend camping in the Jackson area?

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Sputnik and all,

Let's shoot for 6ish at the Gun Barrel.


As for camping.....


Most of the good spots will be taken unless you arrive very early in the day, and the same goes for hotels in Jackson.


The Wagon Wheel Village has some in town camping that you can reserve. Find them here: http://www.wagonwheelvillage.com/

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Two of us from Salt Lake City will be staying with my sister in Smoot, WY. Smoot is about 70 miles south of Jackson on 89.


Let's keep in touch and see what we can do.


If camping isn't available in Jackson, come down to Smoot. There should be an extra bed or couch available.



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Cool Greg. It'll be good to see you again. I'll probably be in Jackson saturday evening as well, depending on my progress through Nevada and Idaho that day. I'll be looking for y'all at dinner, unless I trip over you before then.


Everyone, let's hear some recommendations for lodging in Jackson. I'd rather not spend $100 or more per night, but realize that Jackson is a popular place to be.

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I hope you can make it in time for dinner. The restaurant sits on the right hand side of the road coming into town and faces a Ramada Inn on the other side of the parking lot.


Hotels under $100 a night in Jackson, in the summer, on Saturday? Now that is going to be a challenge. I use to stay at the Painted Buffalo. The rooms were clean and the rates use to be under $100, but that was several years ago. I'd start there first, but definitely book something soon. The no vacancy sign is common on weekends.

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Everyone, let's hear some recommendations for lodging in Jackson.


Well, I'm not everyone, but... As of yesterday, the Days Inn in Jackson still had rooms at $134 ($128 with AAA or AARP, I think) if you book online. The Rawhide Motel was $120 online. There didn't seem to be anything else available under $200 blush.gif

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I booked my room in jackson at the Parkway Inn for $139 prepaid non-refundable a couple MONTHS ago, and a lot of places I called were full for that saturday.


Good luck finding an affordable vacancy, you may have to call almost every place in Jackson. Maybe priceline for jackson would be good? They bid it out for someone with a vacancy to accept at that rate.





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I called the Painted Buffalo and they had a room for the two nights (Jana flies into Jackson Sunday afternoon) at $129 per night (plus tax, title, freight, Internet Backbone surcharge, long distance connection to other company's fiber surcharge, and high cost of gas and doing business surcharge). They have four more rooms available.


I'll be seeing y'all in Jackson!

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The Wagon Wheel doesn't take reservations for campsites. First come, first served.


Doc and I will hopfully be coming from McCall, ID if we make good time on Friday.


That should put us in Jackson around noon at Doc's speeds!


Hope to see you all in The Hole.

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What are you guys? Gold Wing riders? tongue.gifnono.giftongue.gif


The whole place is surrounded by National Forest and Wilderness area. Prime camping!!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


And free! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif


Bring your tent and sleeping bag and pretend you own a GS! welcome.gif

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Here's a couple of other places to try in Jackson. Not the best motels, but decent enough, and centrally located:


4 Winds Motel


2 blocks from Town Square


Antler Inn


2 blocks from Town Square


Both are between $103 and $110 per night for a double, AAA member rates. Add about $12-15 for non-members. If they have rooms, that is.


Painted Buffalo is a nice place, but has gotten expensive.


Just for comparison, Motel 6 is about $100!

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I used to stay at the Antler Inn with my family when I was a kid when we would run the Snake River.


The offer still stands if someone needs a place to stay Saturday night. Granted it is 70 miles south of Jackson, but I think I will be riding up there for dinner.


See you there.

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