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Zumo, Bluetooth, phone, music, and helmets


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I have been reading post after post, and I'm still very confused. My wife and I have Shoei X-11 helmets right now, and perhaps will get the Multitecs at some point to deal better with the glasses issue. So whatever we get would need to be movable. But in the meantime, I have a Zumo, and want to hear it, BT with my phone for calls, and converse with my wife on the back of the bike. Music would also be a plus. Also I would like to do it all without cords. I've read about the Scala with mixed opinions, don't understand the BT capabilities of the Autocom system, even thought of Nolan helmets, but they are very uncomfortable for us. Is it also correct that music utilizing BT is not in stereo? Could it be? Any help would be appreciated. Any and all thoughts useful. Sorry about the long post.

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Bill, forget about Bluetooth for anything but your phone. It simply isn't robust enough for everything you want. It's fine for your phone. But that's all.


Right now, all the major comm/intercom companies (Autocom, Baehr, etc.) are working on developing wireless systems. And not a single one of them are going with Bluetooth (except for the cell link). That should tell you something.


To connect your Zumo to Autocom is no problem. And there are two ways to connect your Bluetooth phone to your Autocom through your Zumo. PM me and I'll give you the details.


As for intercom, no system has a VOX that fully shuts off when you're not speaking, yet has the quick response to make sure your message gets through, except for Autocom. Autocom will also handle your music beautifully. And if you want to add radar detection or B2B communication, either now or at a later date, it's all expandable.


Finally, Autocom can be moved to a new bike when you upgrade. And when you purchase a new helmet, the Autocom headset can be moved over to your new lid.


For the most features, the highest quality, the best warranty, the lowest warranty rate, the best technical support, the most dealers, the most users, the best customer service and the greatest peace of mind, there's only one. Autocom.


As I always point out, this is not to say that the other systems are junk. They're not. They just don't offer everything Autocom does.

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