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Interested in R1100RT's

Bill P.

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I'm looking at picking up a R1100Rt as something to play with and wondered if there were any years that stood out as being better/worse? I saw a couple 1997 and 2000 models that looked nice. Any suggestions as to price?


Thanks in advance.



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Eckhard Grohe

The engines and trannies were revised for the 1998 model year. Changes were made to the gearbox to make it more durable and the oiling system on the engine was improved. The crankcase breather system was also improved.

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There were a few changes to the 1100 bikes over the years but none of them were very significant in terms of functionality/reliability. The only exception might be an upgrade made to transmission internals beginning with the 1997 model year. Earlier models sometimes had a tendency towards excessive shift fork wear creating a tendency to slip out of gear, usually 2nd or 3rd. Not necessarily a deal killer since most of the earlier bikes available now have enough mileage on them that any such issues would probably have already surfaced and been fixed, but something to be aware of. Beyond that the year doesn't matter much, go for the best age/mileage vs. cost deal that you can find.

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