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Need Tires


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I need to put some tires on my 2002 R1150RT. I don't ride too fast, but I would like some grip along with some durability if there is such a thing. I have no clue as to what to buy. Do you guys have any recommendations?


Thanks, Ron

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Continental "Road Attack". Cheesy name but great grip and seem to wearing very well. I also have an 02 RT. I've had Dunlop 202s and Metzlers, and these are the best so far.


Mark N.

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I have 5000 miles on a set of Metzler ME880 RADIALS (they come in belted also and my shop put one of each on until I figured it out and they fixed it, free)! They handle and stick excellently, and should wear longer than most! Just got back from a super twisties tour of WV and SE Ohio and they stuck like glue, NO problems!

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I have about 2k miles on a set of Avon Storms........I have no complaints at all. Wet or dry, I think they handle great. They are at least as good if not better than the Z6's I had on previously.......plus the Avons have tread in the middle of the tire to judge tire wear (the Z6 does not)

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Always use Metzlers - Z6 at present and very sticky - loadsa grip !

Not bad mileage either - 10,000 miles plus on the rear.


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Zowie, guess your clutch slips or something, I blew a set of Z6's away in 6000 miles. Short lived tires with a twitchy throttle grip. Fronts cupped badly and the rear has the nebulous wear bar. bncry.gif

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+2 Metzeler ME880....


Am running the first set on my 2k3....Thought I was gonna need tires before I went to Torrey....

Got back (2000 miles later) and they don't look much different than when I left... Have 8000 on them now and still looking good.


Will do it again. thumbsup.gif

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An easy answer to any tyre question

What does the manufacturer fit on a new bike

You will see a lot of Bridgestone Battlax BT020's on BMW's

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The 020's last 6-8K miles, replaced with 021's,whats the newer better from Bridgestone. Only have 3000 miles on them now but they do feel squirmy in the corners. wave.gif

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My 205 dunlops were slick at 3.500 mls.



A slow day in Yeahaville! = lotza posts.


Barrie Salvanda.



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+3 Metzeler ME880....radials


Very good adherence and durability (2 up riding with full luggages)


You wont regret it

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I'm giving up on Z6's. I've had 3 fronts and 2 rears and none have gone over 6000 miles (down to the steel cords). Now I'm trying ME 880's and hoping for a better result.

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Z6....I only get about 6k,but love the handling...replacing the prev owners pilot road that he had sq'd off....Going to sell this Rt anyway...I'm never satisfied

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I have 021s with 5000 miles. They are wearing OK, but are THE noisiest tires that I have used so far. I will go back to Michelin or try 880s next time.

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Michelin Pilot Roads, got 14,000.

Avon Azaros, got 14,500.

Now have Avon Storms that replaced Azaros.

1996 RT



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