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Hi all. I've been lurking here for several months, picking up excellent tips. I finally made the jump to BMW this past Feb and picked up a lightly used, beautiful 04 1150RT. I've put about 4K miles on it and am very impressed. I miss my Harley (04 Sportster) for running around town, but the RT is certainly no slouch. I was hoping the RT would prove to be more comfortable on the long rides, but surprisingly it's not...at least to my old body. After a hundred or so miles my hips start hurting. I spent most of last Saturday with all the tupperware off installing a Wunderlich engine protecton bar and some Kuryakyn highway pegs to try and make those longer rides more comfortable. Haven't had a chance yet to give them a good try, but at least it provides a different position. Any thoughts on ride comfort would be gratefully accepted confused.gif

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What kinda seat do ya have?????




agree with whip....consider the seat a possible culprit in your discomfort.

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I have the same problem with my 12RT, bought last summer. I dropped the foot pegs, got a Sargent seat and although not directly a leg problem, set the bars up and back. I have on order a Wunderlich engine protector and will put pegs on it to be able to stretch my legs out. The Sargent seat and dropped pegs really helped, but on some days I can only go about 100 miles w/o cramps. I am really suprised that BMW hadn't put some adjustability into the riding position. One thing I had hoped for with the BMW was that I wouldn't have to modify it very much like I always do with the Harleys. The Harley won't go fast and won't stop in a country mile but at least I can stretch my legs out and be comfortable.


Earl Parker

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I have the stock seat. The seat itself seems much more comfortable than my Harley's. The problem seems more the angle that the fairing forces my legs at. The pain, after a hundred miles or so comes not from the butt, but from the outside of the hip/leg joint. I need more exercise anyway, this might be a good place to start blush.gif

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Just an update...rode a couple hundred miles this weekend and the highway pegs really help. The kuryakyn pegs have a wide range of adjustment so I'm still trying to find the "sweet spot" but I can tell that just having them there to provide a different riding position appears to be at least a short term answer. thumbsup.gif

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Get a Russell. I like my stock seat but I'm geting one anyway. I just think they're cool lookin and I'd like the boys to sit up a bit more.


Are you wearing jeans? Don't, IMO jeans are the worst for riding. To many seams and I don't care what your riding, jeans tend to bunch up on the boys.


Forget about the pegs. That's Harley thinkin. You ride a BMW now. Get your BMW mindset arranged. You've takin the first step by purchasing an RT. Now get with the program!! LOL


Anyway, welcome, this is a great forum. I've learned alot since coming aboard and made new friends.


Oh, and I'm glad you don't have to ride a Harley anymore!!





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I don't find the stock seat uncomfortable, but I will keep a lookout for someone nearby with one of the customs...give it the ole sit test.


The Harley kids use highway pegs because they work! I have the Kuriakyn Longhorn Dualies on my RT. Unsual looking to say the least. They look kinda like bicycle pedals. I did a 300 miler today and those pegs made it possible. I have them adjusted high and out front...lets me streatch. I think I'll keep them thumbsup.gif

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