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Further info onRTP Cooling Probles

Retired At LAst

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Retired At LAst

I have a 1999 RTP that I bought with 40,800 miles on it (now 72,000). Basically the bike has been trouble free.


In all the time I had it the cooling fan never went on dispite some hot weather that raised the temp bars within 2 of red line.


At a major service I asked the BMW dealer to check it out. He said it was fine and that the temp never reached the level for the thermosat to kick in. NO Problen.


Now all of sudden the fan started running dispite the fact that the temp bars are in normal range. Even if left overnight as soon as the ignition is turned on the fan comes on.


Any suggestions??




Short in the wiring??



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Sounds like the temperature switch for the fan has failed. Not real expensive as things BMW go. You could also replace it with a toggle switch mounted on your dash. It just grounds a wire.

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