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We Goin' to the Rockies or the Smokies???


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Anyone up on what kinda air we'll be breathin' near Gunny?? I'm sure that the fires have left some not-so-swell aromas, but I'm curious about the air quality. Are there still fires burning??? How close was/is the damage to Gunny??


Any news noses out there care to shed some light??



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one fire was reported 5 miles west of Gunnison. That fire should be contained by now.

I do believe that more smoke will come from my Ceegars than from the fire area.

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There'll be way more smoke from my back tire (until my wife gets in town on Sunday) than even Wurty's stogies, and way, way, more than the smoke left over from the fires that our best friends, the forestry department firefighters, have taken care of.


Gleno, your asthma should be nearly unnoticable in Gunnison.

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Hi Gleno,


The Lovely Flame and I just returned from two weeks in SW Colorado, and it was pretty hazy from all the fires until 4 July when it started raining a bit.


If the afternoon showers keep up and the humidity stays high, you'll be treated to some pretty grand scenery!


Steve in So Cal

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New fire 7 miles west of Gunnison. Called the Steuben Fire, 550 acres, started yesterday, 0% contained at this point. Started by lighting? It is not on the CSU map yet.

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