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Side case lids


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I have seen aftermarket hinges for quick exchange of sidecase lids but can not find a supplier. Have tried the archives with no results. Any one have suggestions so I can easily swap case lids? This is for a R1100RT.


This is my first post to this forum after a year of just lurking. Location is Boise, ID with good roads to ride in the mountains. More back ground soon.


Thanks for any help


Bob Morris

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Welcome Bob, wave.gif

Can't really help you with your hinge location project, but this is the place for input from anything from BMW maintance and repair to advanced home surgery procedures, all from well meaning individuls, some(like myself)that from time to time have too much time on their hands. grin.gif

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Welcome to the board!


Kugler clamps may be what you are looking for. I've found it pretty easy to just use regular bolts/nuts (4 per lid) for the times I swap my lids. Takes 10 minutes if you're a bit klutzy like me, probably quicker for those manually dextrous...

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