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Final Episode on HES replacement

Charles Elms

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Charles Elms

THe HES has been replaced. The pulley red locktited to the inner rotor. New plug wires and new plugs. Bike starts easily and runs smoothely. Idle ok.


My problem started with the bike miss firing in the rain. When I got it apart I noticed that there was a very small (pencil point width) crack about 1/4 inch long on the bottom of the coil where the "epoxy" meets the plastic case. This was the one component I didn't buy! I just took some 100% silicon caulk and pushed it in the crack to make sure mositure doesn't get in.


Could that have been my problem with misfiring in the rain at highway speeds? Next time I have the tank off, I'm going to replace the coil if that might be the base problem.


Also, is there an easy was to disconnect the rubber gas lines from the metal inserts. It took me a good 15 minutes to work (pull) them loose. Working behind the throttle cable there is not room to do anything. What a PITA. Would install quick disconnects, but they seem to have there share or detractors. Also getting to the back side of the electrical plug to disconnect it was a problem.


Anyone solved these issues with simple work arounds or tips?


Thanks to everyone on the forum for help on this. Nice to have bike back together with no extra parts


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Crack in coil was probably the root cause.


In re the fuel lines, go to NAPA or anyone else and get a chevy door handle or window crank remover tool. Works a treat for prying the lines off. Picture a forked head screwdriver with an offset in it. Wouldn't attempt any rubber hose work without it. KD line makes one as well.

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Just checked on a replacement coil from my dealer, but ended up not needing one. He said they cost $350.00 +/-. He also said he's never had to order one. smile.gif I wonder why.... lmao.gif Hope you don't need one or can find an alternate source


P.S. agree about the fuel line disconnect. What a pain, at least the lower one was. frown.gif

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