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re_keying BMW 47L top case for RT


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I've read the explicit instructions and succesfully done the re_keying job on a used case I bought. I was able to re-use 5 of the 6 lock 'tumblers' so left one empty.


Trying to help a guy do his identical case and no way can I get the lock out. I can feel the probe in the lock as I turn it but...


Is it possible the last guy put the lock cylinder in 180deg out and I'm probing the back side eek.gif? If this is possible then it's down to disassembly I guess. Any other suggestions?

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I just removed the lock cylinder of a 28L top case yesterday prior to returning it to the dealer (it arrived with a crack in the exterior corner). I used a paper-clip-taped-to-screwdriver probe. Feeling around for 10 minutes, I thought I'd never find the release hole, and when I did, nothing happened when I pressed into it several times. Turning the key, I could feel the probe. Suddenly, the cylinder released and I carefully pulled it out by the key, holding the bits and pieces together. I guess it's all about patience.

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