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R12RT Cee Bailey Sundome short shield report


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Richmond, Virginia gets hot in the summer. Last week I installed a Cee Bailey sundome short shield on my R12RT & am writing to say I really like it. Cools off the bike, yet allows a quiet-enough ride in the high position. Big improvement for this touring sedan.


It does create a whistle in the 1/2 raised position that is constant. (It's in the shield/mount, not a burble around my helmet.)


On another topic, once again, I was able to put 7.75 gallons of gas in the tank. I was very close to having a push bike, but it did 360 miles on the tank.

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A couple of questions for you guys (pertinent to a windshield).


A. How tall are you?

B. Do you sit in the lower or upper position?




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This might be a good place for me to do a quick review of my new Cee Bailey Sumvee. I selected the Vee over the sumdome because I wanted maximum airflow. I've been using it for about two weeks now.


It does provide more air than my stock shield, but I'm still not getting as much air as I was hoping for. I am short - 5'8" and the seat is in the lowest position. If I raise myself off the seat about two inches I get really nice smooth air to my neck and helmet.


I called Cee Bailey about it, and they told me to send it back and they will trim it down for no charge - just shipping costs. I asked them to trim it down by 3 inches.


I got caught in rain twice with it so far, and it does a decent job of protecting me from rain. Of course not as well as the stock shield, but pretty good. I usually lower the stock shield enough that my face shield on my helmet is getting enough air to blow raindrops off of it, and the sumvee worked well in that regard.


Also of note, when I got the shield I held it up against the stock shield and the holes were not even close to lining up. I thought I would have to send it right back, but I took off the stock shield and tried to mount it anyway. Much to my surprise, it fit pretty well. Not quite perfect, but it does fit.



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