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Buzzy RT Question

Don M

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I just sold my 96 R1100RT and my 02 R1150GS and got a 2004 R1150RT with less than 9000 miles on. The 04 RT is noticably buzzier than either of my previous oilheads. Is this a common complaint with the twin spark engines? Did a search and couldn't find any info.

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There isn't any inherent reason why one oilhead model should be inherently buzzier than another (although sometimes newer engines are a little rougher until then break in fully.) It's always possible for one bike to be a little worse than another on an individual basis due to normal production tolerance variances, but more than likely your new bike is just too new, or perhaps could benefit from a careful throttle body sync.

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When my RT gets buzzy, as it is now, it's a sure fire sign that a good, thourough TB synch is in order. Mine will get its gizmos fiddled with the next time I'm off long enough to remove the Tupperware and get a manometer built. Get it a good synch and I'm sure your hands will thank you.

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Don I recently picked up an 04 with about 10k miles on it. It was idling lumpy (and too low) and it was a bit buzzy.


At 12k miles I adjusted the valves, and they had moved quite a bit since they were done at 6k by a shop who's work I trust. The throttle bodies were also way off, and a prior shop I don't know had diagnosed the lumpy idle as the fault of the aftermarket exhaust.


With a good valve adjust and TBS, the bike purrs at idle once warm, doesn't require any "choke" when cold, and runs nice and smooth, pulling hard from 3000 RPM to redline.


I really like the 1150 dual spark as compared to the 1100 I had prior - more torque down low and seems to rev a little smoother. I'd bet yours will be much better once you can give it a little TLC - you're still in the break in period and stuff moves around.


My 1100 hardly ever needed a valve adjust after it passed 45k miles - I'd check and they'd be off a smidge but I'd bet a dishonest shop would have just put the covers back on and charged me for an adjustment having done nothing they were so close.

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