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R1100R Steering Damper options?


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I took the time to take Rainy's R1100R for a ride into work this morning. For the most part its a fine bike with only 27,000 or so on the clock. But I noticed at lower speeds it seems a bit twitchy. So, I get off the bike at work and check things out. Come to find out the steering damper has very little resistance left in it. First thing I do when I hit my PC at work is surf over to Max BMW's parts fische to see what this thing costs and HOLY SMACKERALL it's $290.00 list! eek.gifdopeslap.gif


This this isnt a shock! After some search on the web I find that there are a lot of problems with these things, but not any mention of an aftermarket solution. Would anyone happen to know of any aftermarket damper that could be retrofitted to this bike?


Thanks in advance for all the help!



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Hi Shaun, I had a 2000 model R1100R before my current RT and I found the same problem but the new damper Out here (Gold Coast Australia) was about $450.00. I couldnt find an aftermarket one at all without unsightly mods. So, I just took it off. I know they must have put it there for a reason but I gave the bike one hell of a test including shaking it's head at hight speed to try and induce a problem but I could never find fault with the handling after removing the damper. I'm not suggesting you do it but that was my experience..Steve thumbsup.gif

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That's hilarious.


The front shock for that bike is $269...and it comes with a spring. lmao.gif


I love BMW.



Looking at the Fiche, It looks like it's the same style as the Ohlins damper on my Tuono. Ohlins doesn't list a damper for the R1100R, but I'll bet you could play around and find a generic shaft-style damper that will fit. And it'll probably work better than the BMW one anyway (if their dampers are anything like their shocks)

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