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I bought a tractor...


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Or... A paintshaker. However you'd like to refer to it.


All I know is, it's loud's hell (I'm working on fixing that) and will keep a new 1098 with Ohlins in sight @ Deal's gap while running HORRIBLY shagged/armor all'd Dunlop sportmax tires. (there's a much longer story there I may compose in a ride tale)


Once I get new hoops on who know what fun awaits.


Dig it:

(JUST back from Birmingham to Knoxville run and boy is my butt monkey'd!)






P.S. Nobody freak, I still have an S and plan on having one for quite awhile. The tractor is for commuting and playing in the hills.


I re-iterate. It's LOUD!

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Looks like fun. thumbsup.gif


For all the bitching and moaning about "Harley Vibration", I thought Steve's Uly was smooth as silk once you got the thing above idle.


It is funny watching the turn signals bounce up and down at idle, though. cool.gif

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Well, once down to the choice between something monsterously Italian and the paint shaker, I decided that hydraulic valves and the belt were quite enticing.


I'll provide the tale of how I got er' home tomorrow perhaps. Must have nap before work.


Oh, I did find this to be pretty amusing. Not sure I agree with their rankings but I do agree with the 'fun" deal.

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I think your tractor is sexy grin.gif


Quoting country music with Itchy will NOT get you in his good graces...lol.




P.S. Nice bike Phil... Now I will have to work to keep up. smile.gif

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Congrats! People can say what they want about Erik's bikes but there's no question that they are a total blast to ride. And as you may already know by now, be prepared for total strangers coming up to you and asking about your Lightning.

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"Does this bike make my head look big?"... blush.gif


Yep!!.. lmao.gif


Congrats, Phil. A buddy of mine has a Lightning and when we pull up together with me on the Duc.......let's just say it turns some heads! clap.gif



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It is funny watching the turn signals bounce up and down at idle, though.


As opposed to thing shaking side to side on the RT? smile.gif


Itchy, sweet bike. If I lived by you I'd have a cityX or something just for that purpose. smile.gif


What exhaust is on it? I'd think finding a stock pipe should be pretty straightforward. Also did they remap the ECU for the new pipe?

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