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deer kill


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I have been a long time reader of the ride tales and after this morning's ride I decided to sign up. I took a little ride this mornig leaving home at 6am for a short ride before a father,s day breakfast planned by my wife with my kids and grandchildern. I got on I-81 at exit 245 going south to Staunton,Va and returning on US 11. the earyy morning mist and cool temps made for a perfect ride.while cursing north on RT 11 at the before the bridge at Mt. Crawford a 4 point buck decided to cross the road striking the bike infron of the handle bars on the left side. I was able to keep the bike upright but the steering was locked I continued on about 100 yards to the other side and forced the RT to a wide spot on the shoulder and came to a stop.At this time the bike toppled to the right side and I rolled off unhurt. I was shakened but not injured(thanks Aerostich). The bike is totaled but everything else is ok.I don't have any idea how I will make it to Westbend glad I went to Asheville.


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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)

I'm glad you came through that in such good condition. Sorry about the bike.


I'm always careful in your part of the country. I've seen a lot of deer there.



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Welcome to the board, and congratulations on coming out way better than the deer! Kinda messed up your Father's Day, I'll warrant.


Nice hot rod that stopped behind you, too (hey, I'm looking for all the positives I can find).

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Another suicide deer story and bad collision with them....The second one in just a few days...




..Need to breed mountain lions in captivity and turn them loose in the wild !!! thumbsup.gif


Glad the injuries weren't worse in both cases....



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He was great that's a 30 Ford. he was on the way to a show in Lexington, Va. and the only one to stop.I got his card and will send along a gift card to Outback for his assistance

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The good news is you have confirmation that you are a damn good rider! A lesser man, and a less skilled rider, would have lost it on impact! Well done! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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Five posts and you've already totaled the bike!!! Sorry about the bike. Glad you killed the road rat though. I got hit by a deer once in my truck. It did heavy damage to my truck but the deer kept going. I would have been much happier to take it with me!

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