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Gunnison National Park


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This may not be the right forum for this post,but....

My lady-friend (the one who is scared of bikes) gave me an article from Sunset titled: "Tall, dark, and handsome", about America's newest National Park, about 70 west of Gunnison.

The park centers around the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The river drops over 2100 feet in 53 miles, 500 feet of it within 2 miles. The canyon itself is carved through Precambrian rock, some of the oldest exposed rock on earth. It is 1800 feet deep in places and boasts, if the photos are representative, spectacular rock formations.

Sounds like a great ride.

I'm not sure the date of the article but it may be from last year. A search at Sunset's website might turn it up.

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It's a great spot, Doc. My brother-in-law and son and I hiked to the bottom of at the west end back in '84 on a fishing trip. Really beautiful, and wild in those days. It may have changed, but back then there was next to no road access to most of it.



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