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american r1150rs


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hi guys i wonder if you can help me with a query

i am all set to purchase a r1150rs, but over here in england there are plenty full faired european models,

what i would realy like is the american half faired model.

is there a great deal of alteration, or buying required to convert to this model

kind regards louis

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Being the owner of an American R1100RS with the half fairings, I can say that there is a welded fairing support bracket for the front of each of the lower panels that the RSL (full faired) bikes do not use. I'm actually converting mine to the full faired version right now, as I've always preferred the original design better. I think the R1100S is stunning with the partial fairing though.

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The exchange rate being what it is right now, it should be pretty cheap to buy parts here. Obviously, the side fairing pieces are different, and you'd have to remove the lower support bracket from your bike.


The RSL version (I have one, and much prefer it.) is sought after here, so I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that you can easily find somebody to swap with, in the right factory paint color, for bolt-on simplicity. Post a similar message on the RS website, as although sponsored in the UK, many if not most listers are here in the US. In fact, I'd bet that somebody would even pay shipping for both of you, just for the even swap. I would, if I had the non-RSL version.


BTW, what color is your bike?

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