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UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Let's list our To-Do's.


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Let's use this thread to list our to-do's so we can evaluate current status. Not the personal to-do's, but the committee ones. I've got a few.


1. Itinerary. People are wanting to know when and where to meet, and when and where things will happen. It needn't be long, but it should be discussed in this forum.


2. A simple, straightforward letter to be posted in our General Gunnison forum, which the members can copy verbatim and send to the PD in Gunnison along with the local newspaper. Fax numbers for both need to be provided as well.


3. Cash handling. While I told Stephen Slisz that all he had to do was greet and hand out T-shirts and name tags, Jake as the Meals Chairman has pointed out that there's no better place/time to collect for the food than at registration. 150 people at about $15 for both meals is $2,250. We need to make sure it's secure. Stephen, bring a fanny pack or some way to keep the cash on your body. If it gets substantial (both in quantity of small bills as well as in dollars), we should be able to transfer it to someone's motorhome or bike for safekeeping.


4. Do we want to push to have any local personalities (mayor, police chief, even a radio DJ) be at our opening ceremonies (such as they are, probably only consisting of a welcome and JRH singing the national anthem, but a good move politically given what everyone knows is coming into town by the end of the week). If so, then we need to send out the invitation. DCB?


I may add to this list as things draw closer. Please feel free to add to it in posts below, as well as to respond to anything above. I'm sure there are things I've overlooked and welcome everyone's input.


Thanks again for all your help.

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Yeeha! Stephen

Fernando: "Stephen, bring a fanny pack or some way to keep the cash on your body."


Stephen: Can do. I carry my own $$ and documents in a heavy, zippered, fanny pack that will work wonderfully for this type job.

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Good point. We'll need to get some sort of food ticket. Something simple like those sequentially numbered raffle tickets that you can buy in a roll. Maybe one color for the Pizza dinner and one color for the BBQ. Or perhaps Jake, our Food MFWIC has an even better idea.


Oh Mr. Meals Chairman ! . . . . .




Regarding the money handling, Stephen, if you're comfortable with what you've got, then I'm comfortable. Thank you. Please work it out with Jake as he's the one dealing with and having to pay the Pizza and BBQ people.

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I plan to be at the KOA by 0530 both mornings. Coffee should be available from 0600 untill ??(0900) Doughnuts and Pastry should be at the KOA not later than 0645 hopefuly earlier. I won't know the exact time for pastry untill I speak with the Bakery Manager on 7/18. I am picking up the PA and delivering it to the KOA on Sunday afternoon. I will set it up under the pick-nick shelter that is "reserved" for us. Since I am leaving Tuesday PM, we will probably have to make some kind of arrangements to get it returned or picked up Wensday. I will see if the Rental Guy will pick it up for a fee? I will get the coffee pots returned on Tuesday.

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Yeeha! Stephen

Fernando: “We'll need to get some sort of food ticket. Something simple like those sequentially numbered raffle tickets that you can buy in a roll. Maybe one color for the Pizza dinner and one color for the BBQ. Or perhaps Jake, our Food MFWIC has an even better idea.”


David: “They sell these are Wal-Mart, BTW.”



Fernando, David, & Jake,


I was at Wal-Mart today & found the rolls of tickets mentioned, in red and in white for just under $5 a roll. I could invest another $10 in the Un-rally and pick up a couple if you wish. There’s more on a roll than we’ll ever need, probably enough for next year too!


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This MFWIC is wondering if little colored stickers to put on the name tags at check-in would work. People will have them on during din-din for socializing, and we could ensure that none of the non-RT-ridin' riff-raff (NRTRRR) scams in on our grub. I could have the stickers on the name-tags in advance since RonB is a PFOM.


While people could lose their name tags as easily as tickets, we'll have a list of paid-up folks at the dinner JIC.

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Oy! Executive decision time.


The tickets would be pretty much unreproduceable in that they're numbered. But the Avery sticky dots would be easier to issue and less likely to get lost as most people will be wearing their name tags all weekend. Another nice thing about the dots is that as you're talking to people, you already know if they're going to be around later for dinner.


Jake, you got it. Dots it is. In two colors (one for each evening's meal). Arrange with Stephen as to who's getting them. We'll reimburse you out of whatever money's available.

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Fernando, I would rather we not do #2. I'm in touch with all the local folks (in city/county governement and local/denver media), and I think it would look too contrived to have people send a letter in. And it might just use up their paper without engendering goodwill.


On #4, I'll casually mention this in my follow up phone calls. Their are faxes going out to 7 interested parties on Wednesday, and they'll be getting a call Thursday. If any of them express interest, I'll give them the time/place (once I find out).

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Thanks, David. You're in charge of the P.R. and I will leave it to your judgment. You say no mass mailing, then no mass mailing. However, please feel free to invite the Chief of Police, the Mayor, a local DJ, whomever out to our opening ceremonies if you feel it would be appropriate. We'd love to give them the mic for a few seconds and let them welcome us to Gunnison.

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OK, checking off the list I created at the top.


1. The Itinerary is done and only awaiting any last-minute comments. If not, I'll post it at 5PM PST.


2. DCB suggests we don't do this, so we won't.


3. Stephen's on top of it. Good man.


4. DCB's call.


OK, we're adjourned. Thanks all.

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On #4, my 8 key contacts have all received a letter by now, and I told them I'd call Friday am (tomorrow) to chat further and see if they can join us. I would be surprised if we don't have a few.

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