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Dinner and a Show


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Sometimes the world just doesn’t seem all that big anymore. Philly sent me a PM yesterday afternoon asking if I wanted to head out for dinner. For us that means at least 70-100 miles depending on where we want to go. We decided to head to El Rey in Globe and then head back and watch the sunset in Superior Arizona.


The weather was in the low 100’s but the humidity made it bearable if you got a little wet before riding. I decided to wash my riding pants and Joe Rocket and then use the ride to let them dry. Leaving the garage smelling of Downey I made the bold call of getting the RT set up for the ride and not taking the GS. Since Jamie and I got it tuned up, it has been kicking at the stall wanting a ride in the real twisties. So off we galloped East to meet up and go to dinner.


With the gas station 19 miles from my door my wet riding outfit was completely dry but I felt like I had the AC on which is great when slabbing through the city. Howard and Christy were waiting for me and the three amigos moto’d on to Globe



Good ole Earl happy after doing 40 miles of mountains, canyons and twisties. Only had one LEO ping us and we were going the limit so all was good.



Howard found the whole ride rather boring but Christy was just happy that we weren’t doing a 100 anymore.


Dinner was fabulous as always and the three of ate for $20.80 which is a steal. El Rey rocks!



Howard wanted to go back to Superior the back way, but I wanted to head into town and take a few pictures before heading back to get the sunset. This is downtown Globe Arizona. It is the county seat and a mining town. Howard used to live here.



The Courthouse. I love these old towns and will come back and take some other pictures on another day.



Cool shops



Cows eating on side of a hill……



Except the hill is really the tailings pile from the mine. Thought that was kind of cool.



I didn’t have a lot of time though to explore further as I needed to get about 20 miles back over a mountain to get into place to catch the sunset.



Century Plant



I love the desert at this time of day.



The beautiful Christy reflecting on something….



I mention how cool the sunset was?



Howard and Christy



Token Pimp Daddy Picture




Good night



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It is always with great anticipation that I open one of your posts to view the gorgeous pics! thumbsup.gif What an amazing area you ride in.. wish you would/could adopt me. lmao.gif Thank you so much for allowing me to live vicariously through your pics. wave.giflurker.giflurker.gif

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Do I get all the hounds in the deal?


Louise gets to make her own custody decision! Oh and I am not paying child support for Killer either.

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Fantastic sunset photos Tom. I imagine they are just like the one John Wayne rode off into when he left this earth. A personification of the old West. Thanks for sharing!


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