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June on Mount Evans, Colorado


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I took my beemer up Mount Evans today, the highest paved road in the US, and added yet another fourteener to the list of mountains ridden on Maria, my 2004 R1150RT. There's more pics in the blog but here's three of my favorites. Weather was beautifully sunny, not very cold up on top, and in the 80s down in the Front Range. The road up/down was really crowded as a whole bunch of cagers and bikers decided to also head up CO 103 and see the sights of Mt. Evans.


Highly recommended ride, just pay attention on the hairpin turns, not so much for your own bike but for the gawking cagers who might be trying the same curve as you but not really paying attention. Getting to Mt Evans involves riding CO 103 which is a beautiful motorcycling road on its own with some nice windy/twisty turns to enjoy after taking it easy riding up Mt Evans Road.


And, for motorcycles, it's only $3 as opposed to cars which get charged $10. Not only that, but the tollgate ranger told me she can waive the $3 fee if you say you'll just be riding your motorcycle up and back down with no parking in the lot for pictures.







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Awesome picture's Dom. I missed that one last year when I was out there. Now I see, I must go back. Thanks. smile.gif



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