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Now... which Big Mak?


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OK. I'm now convinced that I made a mistake in selling the Big mak that came with my bike frown.gif


The responses from this thread helped me realize that. After posting a WTB in the Classifieds for an OEM tank bag and receiving a decent offer on a BMW bag, I'm going with a new Big mak setup.


The names and dimensions on the Cycle Gadgets website are a bit confusing.


I don't want a mongo huge bag, but I need one to hold a small water bladder, cell phone, a spare pair of gloves, a spare faceshield, and maybe a small can of Plexus and a towel or two. I have a line on what I think is an Explorer SC in 'like new' condition. I don't get the warm fuzzies about that transaction, so maybe I'll go with a brand new unit, but which one?


To those of you who have the Big Mak (almost everyone?) do you have a size recommedation? dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

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I went with the Explorer TC model. I find that it holds about as much stuff as I want to carry in a tank bag.



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I have my Autocom and radar detector insice my Big Mak Stealth bag, plus I typically carry my 70-oz Camelbak bladder in there along with sunglasses and a ballcap.


The Explorer is what we typically use on the RT, but I wanted something smaller for my FJR. It works, but it's a bit tight.

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Jeff in VA

Drew - just to reinforce your decision... I had a Big Mak bag on my R1150RT. When I bought the R1200RT I decided to go with the BMW bag. I -really- miss the Big Mak. The explorer is a great size and holds a lot of stuff.

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I went with the Explorer XL. It doesn't seem too big as I am always thinking it would be handy to shove one more thing in there. The plastic platen that came with mine was too flimsy when I load the bag so I added an aluminium stiffener to the bottom and it now safely holds as much stuff as I can cram in there. I love the convenience and although it looks a little weird with the bag off and the platen looking like a great black tongue depressor sitting there...I hardly ever go anywhere without the bag. Around town, I hardly ever have the side luggage on. thumbsup.gif

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This post is perfect for me too. I've always wanted a tank bag and wasn't familiar with all the hype of the big mak until the last thread explained it better. Now I'm looking for which model Big Mak is right, not too suitcase like but just right for a few things to get to easier than the panniers...... Sounds like the explorer is the way to go? any pics of the different models mounted?

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This post is perfect for me too... Sounds like the explorer is the way to go? any pics of the different models mounted?


Look HERE , my brother. cool.gif

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Those bags look very useful and well made, but yak, that's a lot of money for a little bag. I've been using an Oxford bag for several years, having had great success with their soft saddlebags on a previous bike. It has most of the features I want...small, but expandable, practically instant on/off, no need for lots of straps or special mounting brackets, pops out of the way instantly for gas filling, and has the wonderful capacity to convert immediately to a useful day pack. I found one on ebay for peanuts, about $40, I think, brand new, silver, which by coinkidink looks great on my silver and gray RT.


Here's a review: http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-luggage/motorcycle-tank-bag.htm thumbsup.gif

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Alright... I pushed the paypal button and will soon have a Big Mak Explorer SC tank bag system with mapcase clap.gif


Oh, BTW... should I order a rain cover?

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