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1100RT... will it start on sidestand ?


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Made the fatal mistake of buying a workshop manual for my 96 R1100RT the other day....


In reading it, it says that the engine WILL start when on the sidestand with the engine in neutral.. but it doesnt...


Only when the sidestand is retracted will the engine start at all.


Have Clymer got it wrong ?



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My '95 R1100R has a side stand cut off switch. Your Manual must have been old and the words "will not"... have worn away. dopeslap.gif

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If you have the "Police Sidestand Kit", it will start on the side stand if in neutral (and the kill switch is on). I do not have the part number, but I paid somewhere around $80 for the kit about 6 years ago. It consists of a wiring harness and a relay. You plug it all in to existing wires and it makes the sidestand saftey switch work the way you describe. This was standard on the 1100 police version, probably the 1150's also. I think Clymer is wrong for standard RT's, but not for the RTP.

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Clymer is wrong, only the RT-P's will run on the sidestand. If it's a big deal to you, you can add part of the RT-P harness so it will run on the sidestand. There is a write up showing the mod at IBMWR

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Paul Mihalka

The R1100 bikes will not start with the sidestand down, even in neutral. If I remember well, the R1150 will start. May be the manual was updated to 1150.

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