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Roady XT install


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I ride an '06 R 12RT and need to install my XM radio. Has anyone installed the RoadyXT on their bike? I can't find a decent cradle for that particular receiver to rest in. The in-home and auto cradle is just a short base and would not hold the unit very well on a motorcycle.


I have been thinking about getting a RAM mount, but can't quite figure out a good fix for the cradle.

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I double sided sticky taped the auto cradle to the dash of the rt by the radio display screen on the left side and it's held for a year very well. The only thing I don't like is the small channel buttons when I have gloves on, which is always! The auto cradle doesn't seem that secure but it's working fine and detaching for security is quick and simple.

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Get a Tech Mount.


Tech Mount


Here is what it looks like after install. Disregard the pink fuzzy stuff!!! Steve (Steves1150) said it made his bike look better!!!! eek.gifdopeslap.gif




If you look, you'll see a black "band" around the assembly. Two black zip ties just tight enough to hold it in place, yet loose enough to where you can slip it off and take the radio with you. thumbsup.gif

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