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Micro Switch in Cable Distributor Box questions

Mike T

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Anyone know what the microswitch in the Cable Distributor Box is for? It's a small switch that plugs into the wiring harness. The Cable Distributor box is where all the cables meet (throttle, cruise contorl and each of the throttle bodies).


It's PN 61317664051 and looks like it is only on bikes with Cruise Controll.


I's still working on a crusie control issue and was wondering if this switch could play a role. I have my 4th appointment at the Dealer set up to try and fix this issue and I've been making more progess on my own (which doesn't seem to be going over very well with the dealer). They still want to blame the MotoLights which I need to disconnect again when I bring it back. I understand that they are trying to make sure that BMW America pays them for the service instead of trying to ask me to pay for it if it should turn out to be an issue related to a add on accessory.


I bought the bike used from a private party so I have shown more calmness with the dealer than I would if I bought the bike from them. This is the first (and last) bike that I will own under factory warranty. I will never consider an extended warranty on a BMW.


P.S. I feel really sorry for you guys that do not have a dealer located near by. Making 4 plus trips to solve any problem has got to be very frustrating.

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