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Motoport Airmesh and GP-2 Jackets....


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Considering a new jacket for warm weather riding and like the looks of these..I want more visibility and like the Kevlar protection..Any comments appreciated..How do you rate the armor?.....Temperature range, liner effectiveness..How much venting do you get, fit comfort and any other input....





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I love my Kevlar Airmesh. It is almost as cool as BMW Venting Machine jacket on RT. Cooler on naked bikes since it catches more air. It is far more protection than any other mesh jacket that I have seen. The material and armor makes everything else I've seen look weak.

With the windproof liner it is warm. With that and the insulated liner it is very warm.

Pretty stiff when new - an hour tumble in the dryer helped alot. Also, trying to stuff that and a full face helmet into BMW 49 litre top case can be done but it is pretty full when your done.

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Thanks thumbsup.gif......Curious about the windproof liner and the insulated liner; are there two liners?...I would probably travel with the Gerbings and put a windproof/rainproof liner over it under the jacket in really bad conditions but would be nice to have an insulated liner as an option too.. Just talked to them at Motorport and told that the "liner" is $189??...

Did you get the 3M reflective tape and curious about the color you have...

No problem with top case, I don't have a 49 liter anyway (1200RT)....



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I get hot easily and wanted a jacket that protects me but keeps me reasonably cool. So a friend and I actually took a day off and went down to Motoport. Of course, then we headed out to Palomar Mountain after!


I have been riding mostly with a Cortech Mesh Jacket and knew it wouldn't offer much protection in a serious crash. I bought the 3/4 length Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar. I got gray since it was the only color they had in stock other than black. I got the reflective stripes and my friend reported that it was very visible late at night on the freeway at the end of the return trip. I thought about the red but it wasn't a perfect match for my red RT and I would have had to wait for a custom.

The liner is two parts, a thin breathable waterproof liner, and an insulated liner inside that. With both parts, it is very warm - I was opening it a bit with temps in the low 40s. I can't imagine riding anywhere that I would want more warmth on an RT but if you were on a long trip where you might get snow, etc. I can imagine it is possible.


The Jacket was $429 and the liner was $189 plus extra for the reflective stuff so...... It isn't cheap!


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+1 on Motoport


I have the airmesh kevlar stuff from motoport and swear buy it!


I've been a fan of their gear for years now. I started with the heavy 1000 denier cortech stuff (heaviest stuff I could find while still breathable) and moved up as finances allowed. It ain't cheap and you'll wait a long time for Wayne to finish your suit, but it rocks when you get it.


I get hot also and last weekend I did close to a 1000 miles with the wife. We went from Seattle to Bend Oregon and back. Temps. on the east side of the Cascades were in the high 90's and low 100's for long hours. Sunday I put shorts on under the over pants (which I frequently do in the summer months) and felt completely protected and reasonably cool. The mesh suits breathe really well.


I use the gortex liner in cooler months and when it gets wet I use a Tour Master Gortex rain suit over the whole thing to make it completely water proof while giving me some extra warmth. thumbsup.gif

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I've got the Ultra II Airmesh jacket in Hi-Viz. I like it enough I ordered a pair of pants last week and I'm considering ordering a shirt too (for those stupidly hot days in stop-n-go traffic).


I've worn it from 90-50F temps and been comfortable. My Oly AST II started getting hot around 85 in traffic.


If it rains, I'll toss something on over top.

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I've had the Airmesh Kevlar for about a year and think it is great. Comfortable from 35 with liner and thin fleece til about 90. Takes a while to get the stuff but Wayne will work with you to make it perfect. The armor on the arms was not sitting right when worn without the liner. He put a few velcro straps on each arm. Prevents flapping and keeps the armor in place. Also had a small key/change pocket sewn into one sleeve. I got fit at the factory. I'd recommend that if possible.


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I have the Air Mesh Kevlar High Vis jacket in a waist cut and matching pants in black. I have both liners but would not buy the insulated liner again as I prefer my Gerbing jacket liner in winter. The stuff is stiff..It's not cozy but it's not uncomfortable. I take the chest protectors out in summer and that helps a lot to reduce the heat. I think the suit makes protection it's priority with comfort suffering just a little..Mine fits very loose which is what I prefer..I like the stuff and would buy it again..The only other suit I would consider would be the BMW Venting Machine... This is what I want to have on when I crash. thumbsup.gif

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I've had the kevlar air mesh from cycleport for about 2 months. It replaced my JR mesh jacket and pants. While not as airy as the JR it appears that it will provide much more protection. I measured per the instructions on the website and talked to the young lady on the phone and jacket and pants arrived quickly and fit just right.



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Urban Surfer

The air mesh kevlar suit certainly does everything they claim it will do. I havn't tested the road surfing part, but it does keep me warm, cool, and dry.

I don't really care for the extensive use of velcrow or the over all bulkyness of the suit, but the BMW gear at the time was twice the price. So I'm not into fashion. cool.gif

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I got an airmesh jacket and pants in Feb. I went airmesh over the stretch kevlar so I'd get some air behind the fairing on the 1150RT. It was a good choice. Very comfy over a wide range of temps with zip-in goretex liner. On the jacket I went with yellow; not quite as much of a screamer as high vis, but I did have them put a high vis strip on the top in back. I visited the factory and Wayne was very helpful.

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This is what I want to have on when I crash. thumbsup.gif


In my post way above I explained that a friend and I went down to Motorport where we picked up Kevlar Mesh Jackets and ordered matching pants.

I am glad we did and HE IS NOW REALLY GLAD!

He had a large 4 point buck jump in front of him last weekend. He was going about 75mph at the time and just had time to touch the brakes so was going 60-70 when he nailed the deer with his new GS.

With his Shoei helmet, Kevlar suit and BMW boots, HE ACTUALLY MADE IT TO WORK YESTERDAY.

The deer was killed instantly, the GS is in pretty bad shape, the helmet is shot and the jacket and pants are "seriously damaged" - They need repairs to fix the reflective tape! Other than that, they are undamaged.

He credits all the extra protection and the strong construction with saving him serious injury.

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