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Pikes Peak or Bust!


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Finally got around to riding up Pikes Peak on my RT. The dirt road which makes up over half of the 19 miles to the top was not bad at all, just took some concentration and remembering to relax the death grip on the bike's handlebar once in a while! : ) Coming back down was much easier, not sure why.


There was a GS rider along with a small Suzuki who got there just behind me, they seemed to be having less of a hassle with the dirt/gravel/mud. Oh well.


More details about the ride along with some more pics, here's my two favorite ones.





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"Hot brakes fail"


Went there on holiday with a bunch of friends. Sure enough, coming down, one of them couldn't keep his foot off the brake. Those things really do smoke when they get HOT.


Great pics. Looks like fun. Next time I'll have to try it outside of the cage.

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