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ABS part II


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Hello from a new owner. I started getting an alternating abs fault on my 2000 r1100rt and I thought I had it nailed because the battery was slightly lower than optimal. I purchased and installed a new battery and...RATS same ABS fault. I hope that someone can give me more ideas that I can try. Thanks.

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Many assume that an ABS fault code is atomatically attributed to low voltage situation when the starter is engaged.

I also replaced a battery based on the theory that the battery was getting weak and too much amperage was being drawn during start-up.


If your problem is intermitent, check the clearance to rotor clearance on your ABS sensors first, it really is the best and easiest place to start.

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John Dickens

Did you clear the fault code from the ABS unit after you fitted the battery?

Some codes are 'latching' in that switching off the ignition doesn't clear the abs unit so you have to do it manually.

If you clear the code and it reappears you may have to read out the fault code from the abs unit in order to nail the problem.

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I appreciated the collective knowledge you guys shared with me. I was able to clear the code this morning and I have rode around all day without the problem reoccuring. I hope that this gremlin is dealt with.

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