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Call me stupid


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Okay, what's a UN rally and does my helmet need to be blue?

Will Koffe be there? What does he ride? I know he'll have the best suite but can I still get a room? What will we be negotiating? Won't it break the bank to pay him to speak Saturday night? Above all, when will we be pulling out? confused.gif





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He Wyn,

If you go to the main index and click on UNRally that

pretty much tells you what it is.

I myself am leaving on Sunday the 2nd. Will stop over

one night be there for the 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Don't think you will need a blue helment unless you

have one.

Don't know you Koffe is but would be happy to meet

him. grin.gif

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Okay, I get it. I still think my post was funny.


To bad there won't be any vendors there with extreamly UNcoventional priceing on their wares!





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The UNRALLY is more what it isn't that what it is...


It isn't vendors, field events, flee markets, swap&shops, schedules, poker runs, planned activities (Okay, maybe one) or other things you think about when someone says "motorcycle rally."


It is riding, finding someone to ride with, then riding, eating, find someone to eat with then eating, sleeping, at least some, riding, and oh, did I mention riding?


It is a lot of great fellowship with a lot of great people, a bit of BS'ing (Okay maybe a lot at times (Hi Russell!) and making a bunch of new friends who likely just won't be able to resist giving you a big o' bear hug somewhere along the line.


Try it, you'll like it!


See you there!

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Hi "Wyn", don't worry . . . some of us got it! wink.gif


If you like to ride, I think it'll be worth your while! Besides, we just got Paul Wolfowitz to manage the finances so we should be all good! thumbsup.gif






















It's about the RIDING, stupid! lmao.gif

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