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Potomac, MD to Lambertville NJ; Memorial Day Weekend


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My wife and I just completed a fantastic trip to the beautiful Delaware River town of Lambertville, NJ. We missed all the Memorial Day traffic and (thanks to my Garmin 2730) found great, even (near New Hope PA) European style roads to take us there.


Our key was to avoid all slabs, without going through ridiculous "right turn ahead" trips through suburban sprawl. This can be accomplished by telling the Garmin to "prefer" both interstates and secondary roads -- telling it not to prefer interstates results in the suburban nightmare I just alluded to. Crucial, however, is programming in waypoints that make sure the Garmin takes the right general area.


From our home (check it out on a map), I programmed in Westminster MD, Delta PA, Quarryville PA, New Hope PA and Lambertville NJ as the waypoints and destination. The result was spectacular riding on often-deserted state routes, including MD 27 and PA 571, and crossing the Susquehanna River near Buck, PA. Just terrific riding.


We stayed at the York Street House B&B in Lambertville, run by excellent hosts Mark and Lori Weinstein. Sumptuous rooms and a gourmet breakfast, and the whole house is at one's disposal.


Lambertville is close to historic Washington's Crossing, and is chock full of restaurants, art galleries, antique stores, and the same can be said of New Hope, a short interstate walk across the cozy Del. River bridge. Lambertville is quieter than New Hope, and we were glad we stayed there.


Don't miss the Boat House bar in Lambertville -- a great place!




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I used to live in Montgomery County, PA. You're correct. That area of the world is beautiful!


I spent many Saturday and Sunday afternoons riding to and from the New Hope/Lambertville area.


Thanks for the memories! thumbsup.gif

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