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Gear Oil clarify?


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06 RT

75w90 Syn. OK for tranny AND final drive?


Also, which panels, screws should be removed for TB synch?

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I don't know for sure. The Castrol SAF-XO is identified specifically as a final drive lubricant. It is a synthetic 75/90W lubricant which BMW specifies for standard differentials. There is also a Castrol SAF-XJ which is a synthetic 75/130w or 75/140w that BMW specifies for limited slip differentials. I don't think that the final drive is an extreme environment and probably any good gear oil will work. I don't know if there is an advantage to the heavy rating. I wonder if the lighter rating might help in the efficient transfer of energy and result in slightly better mileage? When I drained mine I noticed that it was black with a metallic sheen. I have seen black moly additives in oil before. I have not heard of moly being added to synthetics, so, I have no idea if there is anything special about the specified SAF-XO other than it is hard to find and expensive.

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