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Painting Oil Coolers


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As you may know, I am riding an R1100R which has oil coolers sticking out in the wind. They work well there, but collect bug and road filth like Trump collects wives, so here's the deal...


Remove, clean as best as I can, straighten a few fins and paint? Or leave well enough alone?


I am inclined to go with flat black, and keep it "thin" on the fin part.

What do you think?

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Painting wont affect the coolers perfromance so feel free to paint.


Radiator shops repaint after a coring or repair and the are not very carful how much paint goes on and they work fine. You will be much more careful I'm sure.

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Hopz: I painted the oil coolers on my R1100R and then used Pig Spit regularly. The Pig Spit is available at WalMart and elsewhere, and is kinda like Armor All only better. Slick and keeps bugs from sticking as bad. Use a toothbrush to put it on and swab in the the tiny openings.

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Clive Liddell

I just straighten the few fins that the stones have bent and when everything is clean I mask the stuff around with a black bag and give a short blast or two from a black or matt black rattle can - can't tell the difference from new smile.gif

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