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Sargeant low or regular for R1200RT?


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Has anyone tried both the low and regular sargeant seats? Is there a big differnce in comfort and or height? I want to try the low but concerned there will be a sacrifice in comfort compared to the regular height seat. If you had either sargeant what kind of miles have you covered and how was the comfort? What seat covering did you go with,carbon fiber or griptex? I had a Rick Mayer and currently have a Russell. The Russell was built as low as possible but is still too high and the wings make it even more difficult to put my feet down.

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I just ordered a reg sargent seat,Well be in this fri!!!Ill let you know when I get it,,I have a low on my 05 GS,A little hard.So i put a Alaska sheep skin on it,Not bad now,The seat i ordered is for a 07 RT,,34in inseam,and im flat footed on the GS,,

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I forgot to mention my inseam is 29" and I wear 30" jeans. Just to give an idea what my reach is like on the rt1200. Hoping there are some other people with reach issues that could chime in.

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I put a Sargent seat on my Honda ST1100 last year and did a 9 day, 6,000 mile trip and I don't ever recall discomfort from my back end. (Although the wasp in my helmet, the heavy hail and Death Valley's heat were memorable) I was totally happy and impressed by its performance. I highly recommend the product.


I purchased the regular seat, included color piping (very nice) and chose the carbon for its appearance.


The seat was lower than stock which caused more knee bend, but after awhile that was forgotten.


Good luck to you!


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Olla bmwdavid,


You raise a great question, i.e., does the low sargent give-up any comfort compared to the regular sargent. I bought a regular sargent for my '98 RT five or so years ago, got whatever the standard cover was with some sort of "M-series" tri color patch and have been pleased with its comfort level. For example, last spring I did a 300 + mile non stop from taos, nm to somewhere east of elkhorn ks w/o any butt issues. Being an oldtimer, I don't have critical concerns with my inability to flat foot my RT (5.5 feet tall, 29 inch inseam). Afterall, I only stop once in awhile for every bunch of miles travelled.


Wooster who would pay five hundred dollars or so for an esa-like lowering capability.

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I have a Sargeant regular seat on my RT. I like the seat a lot. I'm 5'7" with a 31" inseam. I can only get both of my toes on the ground but I usually just stop with one foot down. My Wing I can flat foot but usually only use one foot. I think it's just practice and what you get use to.


I did not get the Lo seat because it cramped my knees too much. That would kill me on a long ride. It took a long time to break in the seat. It would still hurt between my legs at about 4000 miles. By the time I had 7000 on it I was very comfortable. I have done several 700 mile days and was as/more comfortable as on the Wing. Last month I took a 3500 mile 10 day trip to GA,NC & VA. The seat was great. I never gave it much thought even on longer days. I have over 12,000 on the bike now and would buy the same seat again.


Oh, I did sit on the lo seat several times while trying to make up my mind and felt that it had noticably less pdding than the regular seat.


Good luck.

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The low Sargent in the low position allows my toes to touch when I slide forward which is a necessity when stopped...With a 29-1/2 inseam...It's farther to the ground than the stock low seat because it's wider in the thigh area....I did read a post that said Sargent was going to change that and make it easier to touch the ground with the low model...Any confirmation?

The question about whether there is less comfort in a "low" model over a "regular" model has been asked before and I haven't seen an answer..I have a friend who has a "regular" Sargent...We will give both seats a test with our skinny (and very mature) wink.gif butts and post a subjective analysis.....

I'm happy with the comfort of my low Sargent.....



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I would love to hear a comparison of the low and regular. If the regular was at least the same as stock regular I would be happy.

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