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Corbin Seat..Tall rider?


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I sat on a Corbin at the NE Tech Daze and found it very comfortable. But I never took the demo bike (thanks Armando) off of the center stand. I've heard some comments that the Corbin may inherently sit a bit low for me at 6'4" with a 34" inseam. Comments from tall riders with experience with the Corbin please chime in.



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I know I got mine at a great price because the guy who sold it to me had bought a used bike and they came with it. Turned out it was the low model Corbin. Good for me, bad for him since he was long in the legs.


I'd be very careful if you buy used for this reason. If I were in your shoes I'd just call Corbin and ask if their 'normal' seat is any lower than the stock seat. You may even find out they offer a tall cut seat.

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I had a Corbin on my R1100RT. At 6'-4" and 35" inseam, I found no problem with the height of the seat for 20,000 miles.

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I am also 6'4" with the 34" inseam. I had a custom Corbin on my last bike and a standard Sargent on this bike. Both were more comfortable than stock, but neither did much to lessen the angle of my knees. But, last year I got a Russell Day-Long, they moved me up and back due to my size. It was a dramatic improvement over anything I have used before.


I would suggest the Russell or one of the Meyer seats. Do a search and you'll find lots of info. The key is a seat that is designed for your body type. IMO Corbin does not do that well.

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