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Knocking noise on start up


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My 2 year old low mileage R200RT emits a mechanical 'knocking noise' on first starting. This noise is transient, disappearing within a second or two. I'm confident it's not the main or big end bearings as the noise is not evident when the motor is under load. Could it be the hydraulic chain tensioner? My dealer is unconcerned claiming that all boxers have a tendency to do this. This is not a complaint, just a query; I'm simply seeking reassurance.

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Mine make the same noise after it's been sitting a couple of weeks. It's the same noise it makes after changing the oil. It has to do with building up oil pressure.


Almost every vehicle I've owned makes noise after an oil change on start up.



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It's normal. The hydraulically activated cam shafts' chain tensioner has to pump up after sitting. The boxer motor has been doing this for literally decades.

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