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A whatchamacallit....four-wheel tray for a bike on a centerstand...


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It is difficult to ask about a something if you don't know what it is called but here goes: On some website, I saw a metal device that supposedly supported the weight of a LT and its purpose was to allow the owner to place the bike on the center stand and then move the bike around somewhat effortlessly. The devise had four wheels, one on each corner of a metal tray.

Anyone heard or used such a thing? I am looking for a way to move my bike around my garage and this sounded interesting but is it a gimmick. It is tight quarters in my garage and moving the bike around is difficult. Help?

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I knew I'd find it!!


Here is the thread from our own David regarding just what it is your are looking for:



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I have the Wonderlich dolly. Its the one that allows you to move your bike on it's centerstand in any direction. It's pricey but worth every penny. super heavy duty. I'm going to buy another soon. Essential gear for small garage.


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