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Tasker Visits East Tenn. Part 1


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It had been way too long since we've seen him, so I was happy to hear that Tasker Day had accepted Kenny Haynes' invitation to spend the weekend in East Tennessee. Since the Davis clan (Stretchmark, Hoontang, Abby and James) were coming up from Atlanta, too, it was bound to be a great day.


Tasker, Kenny, Itchybro and I met on the Foothills Parkway for sunrise and coffee. IMG_1074.JPGIMG_1075.JPG


We then moved on to The Home Place, a restaurant on US129, just north of Deal's Gap, for breakfast.




Now, you have to understand that the Home Place is pretty special. On one visit, I saw this in the newspaper rack when I pulled up:





So, it shouldn't have been much of a surprise when the proprietress of the establishment came to the table in search of the owner of the motorcycle with Indiana plates, prepared to give whoever the Yankee was a true Southern welcome.





Ever the gentleman, Tasker bravely accpeted his due.





We rescued Tasker and moved on to the Overlook at the gap.





Soon, back at Kenny's lakeside theme park, Mark was pulling the pork butt he'd smoked the night before.




After a two up ride:




and a quick lesson from Kenny:




Tasker took the jet ski out for a solo run.




and made it back to enjoy the food.





It was a beautiful day in East Tenn. Thanks to Kenny for being such a generous host.


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I don't remember getting an invitation to this. What's up with that? Here we sat, just a few miles away, too. smile.gif


Say "hi" to Tasker and the rest of the crew. You all have fun. thumbsup.gif

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...But am a bit worried about Tasker and the whole nude cheese thing...


It certainly had us all concerned. grin.gif Not only the Nacho cheese, but the grocery shopping excursions together in the Subaru Outback. The matching shirts and sandals when Tasker rode beeyatch:




The constant complaining about the lack of a cocktail umbrella for his fruit drinks:



Telling us how much he enjoyed butt:



Tasker showing how to get whiplash while almost running into the dock:



Using the old "I'm independently wealthy and have a heart condition" pickup line on 16-year olds. (It's actually Jim William's daughter and friend, so keep the comments clean...well cleaner than mine grin.gif



Just kidding of course, Tasker. It was great seeing you again. It had certainly been way too long. We always have such a great time at Kenny' Splash World.


Here's Tasker and HoonTang enjoying the boat ride over to the firework show down by the dam.



Here's a funny sequence of Kenny showing how to treat the young ladies nice:





...and finally, our 2 youngins' doing what they love most


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What a spectacular weekend! Heck, I even enjoyed my beating from the "switch lady" after breakfast! eek.gif


My dining and shopping moments with Kenny were very special, moments I'll never forget. A couple of metro-sexuals can always find ways to have fun! blush.gifgrin.gif


Jim and Phil, I'm sorry we didn't see more of each other. Once I got to the water, I was pretty much done for the weekend!


Larry, it was good to see you!


Mark and Christine, Abby and James are awesome people and I was thrilled to meet them and get to know them a bit.


Mark, your butt rules! clap.gif


And Kenny, you are a most excellent host!


Now, I just need to repeat soon!

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Kenny Haynes

Truly a stellar week end, thanks to all for coming. Mark, I'll post it for you. I was modeling the latest in summer trials wear when the Davis clan arrived saturday. Sort of a Jamaican flair that I think goes perfectly with my eyes.




What happens in Friendsville stays in Friendsville. grin.gif

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It was surely nice to see all of you guys. I was in dire need of a good weekend off and seeing y'all topped it off.


Great burgers by the way. Sorry I missed the trick riding show.


Kenny, thanks for the boat ride.

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