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what exhaust for the r1200rt


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what exhaust are you guys putting on the r1200rt? looking for a little more sound and some performance upgrade, I dont expect alot in hp increase. Also where did you get it?

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I ended up putting on the Remus Grand Prix. I also wanted more sound and it looks much better than the stock exhaust. definitely more sound out of this pipe. does backfire sometimes when decelerating but no big deal to me gets even more attention.


I got mine from these guys they were great to deal with answered every question and kept me informed the entire ordering process told me they even held up the DHL guy to get it out in the mail the same day. I paid extra for 3day shipping and they sent it over night as it was at my door the next day. very impressed with this company. heres a link.



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AAACCCKKKKKK… that is where it starts. I changed the exhaust on my old Harley (new then) and next thing I knew it was all chrome and money.


I have resisted changing anything on my RT. There have been times when I was jonesing for new parts, but have told myself that I may add on, GPS, lights, music.. but would not change parts. So far it has worked good. Good luck!


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Changing the can only does nothing for the power. With Remus, adding the complete system to the R1200RT/ST/R engine adds about 4 RWHP, improves throttle response and IMHO looks better. If you call San Jose BMW and ask the parts dept for a "Deans Deal", you will be plesently suprised. I am the founder so they let me do this.

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Talking exhaust, has anyone used Akrapovil exhaust. Had someone tell me today they make very nice products.


They don't list anything for an R12RT/ST but they do have a slip on for an R12R. I wonder if that would work for the RT/ST.....


They do have a full system for the F800.

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I love the look and quality of the Akropovic products.

I wish they made a system for the RT... I'd buy it.

Instead, it looks like I'll be purchasing the Laser Duo Tech with headers.


More than anything, I want to improve my throttle response, and clean up the dips in the midrange.

I could care less about top-end increases. The RT is not a racebike.

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