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Fall Torrey?


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Missed the spring Torrey event due the passing of my Dad on the 15th. Instead of flying , I opted to ride from WA to TX for the service that was held onthe 19th. the RT performed flawlessly.Saw some beautiful country(particularly Utah and NM). Hopefully will make fall Torrey and here the singing of Kumbaya grin.gif


Somewhere between Gallup and Shiprock NM.



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My condolences. I'm sure you had quality time to reflect on your family situation and riding an RT while doing it may have made the time go by a little more profoundly and valuably.


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Sorry to hear about your Dad.


I'd swear both riding and Torrey have healing powers.. at least they do for me. (Maybe it's just the Kumbaya thumbsup.gif )

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Thanks for the kind responses concerning my dad. The trip was therapeutic in the sense that it gave me time to reflect on our past.

Even though I live in one of the most scenic parts of the US, I was in severe need of a “desert fix”, and I got plenty of that on this trip.

South of Moab I was stopped at a road construction zone when a group of Harley riders came up behind me. One of the riders asked me about my trip, where I was headed to and so on. One thing he said that struck me funny was that he thought I was being” awfully brave” for making such a long trip solo. He probably meant awfully dumb but I saw it as neither brave nor dumb. I actually like riding alone. I can set my own pace and do my own thing.

My RT is completely stock. The only addition was the Alaskan leather butt pad sheepskin seat cover. I guess it helped but not sure. I did receive numerous good comments about the RT along the way. One of the best things was the fact that my oil consumption has gone from about a quart every thousand miles to close to zero.

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