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Plug wire cover removal tool?


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I received your excellent DVD last night and quickly scanned it today.

A couple of questions: Can you post a list of tools needed for each procedure so that I can print it. Or is it listed somewhere else?

Now, your expert opinion, becuase of the miles you've put on the R.

My 2006 R1200RT had it's first service at the dealer at 1300 miles (I know I pushed the limit). It's coming up on 7,000 miles and I'll do the 6,000 mile service myself then.

I plan on checking the valves, syn TB,s, oil change to syn.

1. Does the brake bleed need to be done. Can I wait until 12K?

2.Tranny, diff, fluid change? What has been you experience as far as mileage? Can I wait?

I'm trying to get a good picture of service intervals for the life of this bike. My experience with all my Ducati's has been 6K valves, then after 25K they only need to be checked at 12K.

The small owners manual with the BMW is confusing here: first 6k then 12K after (if within the first year) dopeslap.gif

Thanks for your time, and the excellent info.

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