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Just another newbie checking in...


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Good mornin' to all;

Just a quick note to introduce myself. I am a 62 year old

apprentice geezer who just bought his first BMW ('07 R12RT).

Just turned 2000 miles & REALLY love the bike!

I'll add the avatar just as soon as I figure out how.

I'm looking forward to participating on the forum and

getting to know y'all.

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Welcome,A great place to meet the group is the spring and fall Torry ride,Fall Torrey is coming up Sept 28th to the 30th,,GREAT RIDING!!!!, thumbsup.gif

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Welcome to the board and nice choice of bike.


You can get over to the Hill Country and have some fun on the RT. I am sure "Philby" would be happy to point out some great roads over there for you. He is one of the British transplants on the board, but we don't hold it against him since he did decide to live in Texas after all. grin.gif

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thanks for the welcome, folks... I have been riding since

1959 & have had many scooters. My latest were '05 rocket 3,

and a couple ('98, '05) boss hosses. This is my first BMW.

Once I got used to seeing the big tach numbers, I have found it a VERY fun ride! My wife & I did a short Fredericksburg, TX tour a couple of weeks ago.

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welcome on board... Boss Hoss? Now that is a light weight canyon carver if ever there was one...Not too hot either.

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well, as long as you had a long, straight canyon, preferably air conditioned... grin.gif actually, those things ride better than you might think, but still pretty much a "one trick pony"

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