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Bmweerman Week 2 Thursday


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Wow, the last 24 hours has been full of highs and lows. Returning to my room last night, the whole situation, not just his injuries and pain, but the rest of reality hit me and I had a terrible anxiety attack. The aloneness, the fears, the awareness of distance and lack of capital for payments, the weariness, the uncertainty of what the next few days hold, it all went crashing down. Thankfully, my doctor had prescribed me some adivan several weeks ago and that helped to bring it down. It was a brief lapse of confidence that I don't want to repeat any time soon.


This morning, Cameron greeted me with a smile and a brief wave. I needed that. He was more alert and aware of his own needs,but getting those needs understood was still a problem, even with an alphabet chart and notepad. He doesn't have the fine motor skills to write very legibly so that becomes a guessing game, as well. Since he's more awake, he has more needs, etc. It's been exhausting.


Physical and Occupational therapists worked with him today, and this afternoon they had him sitting in a chair by the bed for 10 mins. His muscle control in his hands, arms, and neck is so so. He asked for the computer today and was trying to navigate, but it was sketchy. (Thus the lateness of this post) He pretty much worked on using the laptop a good part of the day, in between needing one thing or another.


He's doing most of the breathing on his own now and they're talking about possibly taking him off the ventilator tomorrow. They're going to see how he does tonight. Also, his culture from this morning showed no staph infection. The nurse said he has to have a clear culture for 3 days before they remove the caution and the need for the gowns and gloves. It'll be nice to be able to touch him again, at least without the gloves and all.


I took some time to do laundry and had a great talk with one of the volunteers at the Connelly House this afternoon. We talked about our critters and relationships and just general stuff. There's also a dog, that belongs to a nurse at the hospital, that hangs out there a few days a week. He's a very friendly yorkie and so I played with him for awhile. Good therapy.


I feel better tonight, he's doing much better, and should sleep well after such a busy day. I guess I can expect him to be more impatient and demanding as he gets closer to going home. I know that's a good sign, but it's really tiring.

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Thanks for the updates, glad there are no signs of continued infection.....lung injuries can be tricky, my dad had one a few years ago from a near drowning.


Nice to hear he is able to sit in a chair if only for a few minutes....

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Excellent progress..... I am sure the next months perhaps even won't be easy, but hopefully bad times pass quickly on the way to 'normal' again.

Still crossing fingers for you two !!!

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The aloneness, the fears, the awareness of distance and lack of capital for payments, the weariness, the uncertainty of what the next few days hold, it all went crashing down.



Your reaction to all of this is understandable. As I follow your daily updates, one thing is clear to me: Cameron is lucky to have such a devoted wife. Stay tough. He's improving and soon you'll both be home. thumbsup.gif

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PROGRESS! thumbsup.gif Way to go Cameron! Beat that infection down!


Patti, you're doing wonderfully. Keep at it!

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This is good news and progress, regardless of how small, should be embraced.


I understand the anxiety part of it. One day at a time. And if that gets to be too much - then one breathe at a time - you'll get through this.


More prayers coming your way from the Midwest.

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Sounds like he has turned the corner and a big one at that. Thoughts and prayers continue your way.

Continued good luck on his progress.


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Just heard from our great friends in New Mexico who went and got Patti away for a break with some lunch and took her to get the photos of Cameron's bike.


Nice to put a face to a name and also wanted to say Thank You to Tom and Barb for heading out to help someone they have never met in their time of need!!!


Thanks Tom! Thanks Barb!






That's Barb on the left, Tom in the middle, and Patti on the right (in the blue).


Sorry the pics are so small. Tried resizing them and they just pixelated to nothingness. Photography is beyond me!!! dopeslap.gif

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Phil, I have to comment on your signature. I love your statement "Madly in love with 2bmwfan" that's cool. Thank you for all your help, you both are great people. thumbsup.gif

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Patti, I am glad to hear of the progress thanks for keeping us posted. as stated before if there is anything I can do here in Btown (Bakersfield) to help let me know.



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Sounds like you are about over the hump. My mom went through a similar set of injuries after a horseback riding accident and round about the time when she came off the vent, everything started to come together and she made VERY rapid recovery. The communication problems were a real drag, but once she could talk and make her needs known, she was up and about in very short order. I'm so glad to hear things are improving. I wish there was more I could do besides offer e-support. I can't imagine how hard it is to go through this far from your support network at home. I hope today shows similar improvement and they can get that tube out of his lungs. That'll make all the difference for the two of you, I'm sure.



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I, too, am going to address the positives in this situation. The biggest being that Cameron is starting to fight back. That means a lot.


Reading Patti's post, it seems we may have all overlooked their need for $$$$$$$$ at this time. I am fairly new to this board and have just recently become involved in any sense of the way. How many people belong to this board? Is there ANY WAY we can set up some sort of emergency fund, by means of donations to help these people out?


My thoughts are: How is the house payment being made? Who is paying the utilities? Is Patti able to afford to eat while she is there? How long before there will be an income in their family? Speaking of family, do they have ANYONE who is/has offered to help them financially? Patti has been there alone for some time now.


Is there not something more we can do, other than offer her emotional support during her time of need? Is there anyone on this board who could answer these burning questions for me? I realize that emotional support is important and that she needs that desperately now, but what about her other needs she has mentioned?


Please help clue me in, for I am feeling so helpless as to how to help these people. confused.gif

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