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Help!!! with Ipod Radio Adapter 65110392133


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I installed this tonight. Mine has 4 wires and is in fact BMW p/n 65110392133. Tapitio actually installed a 65110409342 with has 3 wires to tie into the wiring harness.


We both ordered the same part from BavAuto, but apparently I got the 133 part and he got the 342 part.


It actually installed very smoothly... but..


(you can make a pin removal tool, buy some 3/16" thin wall brass tubing at the hardware store. Using a dremel tool with a fine grinding wheel, you need to remove about 1/3 the thickness of the pipe about 1/2 inch up. Then polish it up, took me about 15 minutes to make it, worked great).


After installation, The ipod seems to know it's hooked up the BMW shows up on the iPod main screen, but when I hit the CD button to change over to the iPod, the radio screen just goes to a blank screen. Yes.. I put in the BMW playlists, etc. When I hit the "MAN" button, it seems like it knows a CD Changer is installed (CD0<> shows up). I went back and triple checked the wiring and can't find that I did anything incorrectly...


Has anyone else installed one with the 4 wire adapter (the real 65110392133, not the 65110409342 with three wires) and does it work?


I'm now afraid that BAV Auto won't take this back or will hassle me.






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Hi, I had the same symptoms with my system. When I hooked up my Ipod adapter using the BMW kit. (Not sure which P/N. But it was differant than Tapitios. When I had a problem I checked.) The instructions showed a smaller connector for use with hands free phone, so I ignored it. That plug needs to be connected to the back of the radio also. Hope this helps.

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Yes, I hooked that connector up per the drawing. Someone else mentioned they forgot that one and they said it looked like it worked but they had no audio. Mine does not even appear to be communicating with the iPOD. Can you check your installation instructions and see which version you have? (the P/N is listed at the beginning) If I can verify that the 65110392133 (4 wire) adapter *really* works, I can call BAV Auto and ask for a replacement.




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Has ANYONE installed the 4 pin 65110392133 adapter and gotten it to work? BavAutoParts is sending me a new one. I should have it next week. I'd like to know if anyone out there has gotten the 4 pin version to work...




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I installed the 3 wire adapter, and it works great.

I never knew there was a 4 wire adapter.


I would try removing that 4th wire, and see what happens.


Good luck!

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