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Riding/Casual Boots


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I work as a sales rep and sales manager and love to ride my bike to meetings. My problem I have however is, 1: my hair looks stuck to my head but if I keep it short enought isn't very noticable, but 2: my riding boots usually are not dressy enough for dockers and a collared shirt.


Does anyone have any recommendations on boots that one can wear when riding, but will look dressy enough for a meeting? I hate carrys 2 pairs of shoes.



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I have the men's side zip model of Cruiserworks. Durable, lightweight yet has a clean enough look to get away with a casual dressed or business dressed outfit.


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BMW Ranger boots. Look great with slacks. I have them in black and brown. I found them both new on ebay. I have worn them to work even on days that I didn't ride my bike.

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