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18 days on the road


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Returned home yesterday from an 18 day 4800 mile trip on my '04RT. RT functioned flawlessly. I left Flower Mound, TX on Sat the 5th and drove the natchez trace pkwy through MS to TN and spent several days in Chattanooga. My son then joined me on his '01 650 GS and we went to Fl. We stopped at BMW of Atlanta on the way through GA and my son purchased new front brake pads for his GS and the dealership installed them for free(even after a 10% discount). After driving over the Tampa Bay bridge we spent a night in Lakeland with a friend and then on to Cocoa Beach for a day of playing in the surf. Up the east coast to Savanah, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach.(didn't know a bike fest was happening there) Two ferries took us to Cape Hatteras national seashore and a great ride to Kittyhawk where we spent the night. On to Virginia Beach and across the Chesepeake Bay bridge/tunnel. Up through MD and to D.C. where I spent several nights with my wife who was at a conference in Alexandria. Visited Bob's BMW in MD and got the tour and a free hat. Drove through donwtown D.C. twice to see the sights from the RT. On to Asheville, NC and then to Robbinsville NC and the Dragon. Rode the Dragon Monday morning(1st time) and was not impressed with my skill. Almost had the road to myself. Passed several cages who pulled over for me and had to dodge a PU pulling a boat in my lane going the opposite direction. On to Meridian MS and then home. I averaged 47 MPG with a low of 39 and a high of 51. For distance traveled each day I had a high of 600 miles and low of 275. I started the trip with just over 17k miles on the bike. The first 3000 miles I used 1 quart of oil. The last 1800 miles I used 200ml. Maybe it is finally getting broken in. My final drive never got too hot to hold my bare hand on. The only negative was watching the center of my rear tire wear away frown.gif. We camped about half the nights. Only got stopped once! All in all a great time.

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here are some pics.

chesepeake bay bridge

th_P5140018.jpgferry to Hatteras


th_P5140006.jpgwilmington nc

th_P5130004.jpgsavannah ga

th_P5100021.jpgtampa bay bridge

th_P5090005.jpgperry fl

th_P5050001.jpgon the natchez trace pkwy


I forgot to mention that this was the second time I used my new autocom pro-avi and it worked flawessly. This was also the second time I used my new motoport kevlar mesh jacket and pants. I am very pleased with the suit.



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Stan Walker

Returned home yesterday from an 18 day 4800 mile trip on my '04RT


Cool trip, I love long multi-day trips!!! Gives you time to get to know yourself again.



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here are more pics....














pics are in order:

my son holding his hammock with his gs

me in Perry Fl

me-rest area in GA

my son on chesepeake bridge

me on ches bridge

me at kittyhawk beachcombing

lighthouse at Hatteras

bikes on ferry

my son on ferry

me in surf at Cocoa Beach Fl

me at Tampa Bay bridge

my son at Cedar Key Fl

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Looks like you had all the camping necessities with you...mega coffee mug, hammock...large frame semi-automatic pistol...

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I didn't notice that in the pic until after I posted. Have rarely left home w/out it for the last thirty years. (not the coffee mug or hammock)



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