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Dinner' In The Oven


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Soup's on.


Monday evening's fare will be courtesy of Mario's Pizza, which will be delivered to the KOA at a time of our choosing (I'm shooting for 7:00). There'll be pizza and salads for 150 hungry riders, with assorted drinks (sodas, iced tea, water) and paper products for the eating. Price: $7.00 per rider (based on 150 count).


On the menu for Tuesday is FB Catering. John, the ower conducts public catering at the KOA each Monday evening, so we'll be able to spy on him for our meal. He is going to prepare beef brisket, pork, and sausage, along with beans, potato salad & all the fixin's. Lemonade and iced tea will be served as our beverage choices. Price is $9.00 per rider.


Gunnison is currently under an open fire ban, so ribs from the grill are off the menu for now. At least Gleno won't feel compelled to offer up pointers. wink.gif


Thanks to Tom Morgan for getting the ball rolling on this, and to our resident recon artist Dick Frantz for the tip on Mario's.


Questions? Let 'em rip so I can smooth out the bumps before posting to the other board.

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l would post it now, but delete the specific time for the moment (you might just say 6-7-ish). We still have to hammer out some sort of itinerary and I don't want to lock people into an eating time and then work around it. I already made the mistake of saying coffee would be on at 6AM with Danish to follow. It probably will, but anyone who's read that has locked in on that time and if it needs to change its tougher than if we post all the times/events at once.


Good job, Jake. Couldn't get chicken, huh? Well, we got beans and we got Gleno and Wurty. That fire ban may still come back to haunt us once those guys get to ground scorchin'.

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Great choices, Jake. And, thanks for your efforts.


When I heard the schedule of Pizza Monday, and B-B-Q Tueday, I opted out of Monday since "just pizza", could never match MARIO'S, and that would allow me to have the FB B-B-Q. So, make that 151 for the Pizza, buddy.

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Well, I just checked in with both vendors with the final headcount, and it seems like they're ready for us.


Is anyone thinking of bringing large trash bags? I could likely talk Eebie into a run for a bunch of them since he'll have a car, and I will be talking him into a beer run anyway!

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I could likely talk Eebie into a run for a bunch of them since he'll have a car, and I will be talking him into a beer run anyway!color=green>


D'ja ever read Hunter S. Thompson's book Hell's Angels? Where he goes with the HAs on one of their runs, and the cops won't let them leave the campground, but Hunter has a car, so they take up a collection and send him out for beer? And then the local beer guy is gouging them on the prices, and Hunter is terrified that the HAs are gonna stomp him when he comes back with too little beer?


Yup, just call me Dr. Eebie Gonzo.


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