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Torrey XIII Adventure Day 2


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There is nothing like waking up in Torrey in the morning, getting a nice cup of Joe and chatting with the locals.



Tough choices lay ahead for me. Do I ride East to explore the park



Or head West and ride Sweeper Madness.


Tom Waites "Ol'55" was echoing in my head as I went and just hung out on the porch for a while.



We wandered down to the Capital Reef Inn for Breakfast. Whip went to roust Kaneman, Calvin and Bob, while Louise and I went in to warn the staff we had a big party coming. The Capital Reef Inn has good breakfast but their service is always iffy. (PHOTO BY KANEMAN)


While we went in a very pretty woman walked in alone ahead of us. She asked for a table for one. She noticed my sexy yellow moto pants I said good morning and invited her to have breakfast with us. Suzanne from Salt Lake was down waiting for her boyfriend and she turned out to be a real sweetheart. The rest of the Hooligans arrived and we got to meet Darci.



This is Darci. One of the most wonderful young ladies I have met in a long time. She is also the worst waitress in the World. Not one order I think came out right all weekend. Whip caught on and the 2nd day didn't order anything and got all kinds of food after ordering an omelet this morning and getting nada. (PHOTO BY KANEMAN)



You and I both know that Suzanne really wanted to go riding with me. Notice Bob trying to make Calvin jealous? Suzanne, if you read this drop me an email. (PHOTO BY KANEMAN)



From there it was back to Bob's to get ready to Moto



Whip swears this lip gloss is all the rage in Milan this season.





A quick stop for Gas and it was on to the Burr Trail! Cute Alien huh?



The Kaneman abides



The Red Rocks just put you into a peaceful mood. I started to hum "Box of Rain" and get all Hippiesque for a while.





Even the best relationships have tension sometimes. I think Bob was concerned that Calvin didn't have the proper socks on.



Ok in the first picture you see Whip and Kaneman climbing the slope. The second picture is of Kaneman up on the hill and taken with my 1200mm lens.



I think we are looking better then the Hole in Wall Gang ever did here.



It doesn't get better then hanging out with your pals and motoing. (PHOTO BY LOUISE)


The road turned to dirt and we pulled off for a little adventure down a side road. I know I need a lot more practice off road so opted to take the truck in. Larry soon decided to do the same while Killer and Kaneman moto'd down a wash to the trail head.



The desert never ever ceases to amaze me with color



Bob looks so British in that hat don't you think. I am sure he is telling Kaneman something to the effect of "Ephedra viridis primarily blooms in late May ole boy which is of course completely different then the reproduction habits of say Tagetes temurfolia"



These trees all have a great story to tell



The lovely Louise taking pics of cacti in bloom.



For a second I thought I was looking out over the great rift valley in Africa. The hike up was worth it.



My Thor 50/50's were actually really good on the trail. (PHOTO BY LOUISE)


Back into the truck and back out to the waiting bikes



Kaneman knows no fear when it comes to riding offroad.



Bob showing us that he is still king of the offroad.



Natural Sculpture. Wow what a place



We decide to press on and take the Burr Trail down the switchbacks and back to Torrey. Here Matt is taking a shot of his moto.



Our hero taking off into the abyss (PHOTO BY LOUISE)


I don't have a lot of pictures of me going down the switchbacks or of the next 30miles on dirt. I do have it on video which I will post over the long weekend once I edit it. Lets just say, I made it down the switchbacks no problem, but then dumped the bike in the deep sand again because I was going too slow. Bob gave me some great advise and pointers and before the end of this road, I was feeling 200% better in the dirt. I have a long road to travel before I am going to call myself good in the dirt, but I am happy with the progress I made after listening to very good feedback from Mr. Palin. Seriously thanks Bob.







Kaneman and I stopped to take some pictures before sunset and then head out to meet the gang for dinner at Cafe Diablo



Good to see Todd and Real had a good day. Here you can see Todd reviewing my adventures in the sand.




Bob telling Sir Rodney about how he and Monty took Sicily back in 43.



Hannabone needs to come with a warning label about making your stomach hurt for laughing so hard. The man is priceless. And I love the way Sir Rodney tells stories. Both of these guys are top shelf!



Some damn fine ribs too



For me Day 2 was the day I will remember most from Torrey XIII. I learned a lot about riding and realized that I am really lucky to have great friends like these.


Tomorrow the party really gets started! And prepare yourself for meeting King Richard.


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Nice Tom (as always).


And you were right about Darci. Nice girl. Stressed out of her mind at times...


Great pictures too.


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Bob shared ONE of his secret mutations with you ehhh? the dreaded third arm:





I wish he had not shared one of his other mutations with Whip and I once. Even though tiny, it can scar you for life!!!

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This is a Sport Touring website, right? Just checking. Not sure you and Boney and Killer and Whip et. al. are clear on that. smirk.gif


smart-ass comment from this guy



Carry on. Please! thumbsup.gif

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More like "The Hole in The Head" gang. (Except for Louise, of course) lmao.gif






Nice tale, Tom. Looking forward to "The Rest of The Story".

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skinny_tom (aka boney)
This is a Sport Touring website, right? Just checking. Not sure you and Boney and Killer and Whip et. al. are clear on that. smirk.gif


smart-ass comment from this guy



Carry on. Please! thumbsup.gif


I don't know Joel, that Hi-Viz jacket isn't really the definition of sporty either. wave.giflmao.gif


Missed you in Torrey.

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wave.gifHey Thom,


Nice to meet you at Torrey XIII. You must really having fun rolling that digital film. Great shots...


Ride safe,


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Tom, your pics are great as usual. thumbsup.gif

I guess it's true--adventure comes standard with each GS.


I did the Burr Trail two years ago on my Roadster. It truly is AWESOME!!


I can see why Bob lives where he does.

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