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I confess...I pulled someone over today


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Ok I have to confess I made a traffic stop today... For those who recall I was forced off of the street as a third shift patrol supervisor to take a job in the support services division no one else wanted (supervise/manage the fleet of vehicles and a handful of officers assigned to youth facilities).


Well I was driving down the highway today in an unmarked CVPI (Crown Vic Police Interceptor) and I see a female riding a brand new Yamaha R1 in a bright pink helmet, mesh jacket, and matching backpack in shorts and tennis shoes. Now I have to admit that is what caught my eye first but then I noticed that I couldn't see a license plate on the bike at all, not under the rear of the seat, not on the left or right side, no plate at all....


Well I gotta admit that is going to get you pulled over. Turns out she was about 20 years old riding her boyfriends bike because her 2005 R6 was leaking oil. The idiot boyfriend started a fender elimination job on his bike and didn't have a bracket to mount the plate to.


Well I used my DISCRETION and didn't issue her a ticket because she was riding safely (other than the lack of appropriate apparel) and had a valid cycle endorsement along with the appropriate paperwork for the bike (including the plate which was under the passenger seat)and it wasn't her bike or stupid decision (other than to ride it out of necessity).


Of course the other reason she didn't get a ticket was I DIDN'T HAVE ANY IN THE CAR clap.gif


Well in all seriousness I wouldn't have anyone in her situation even if I had any (unless they were DWHUA or a complete jack#$$. wave.gif

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....a female in shorts and tennis shoes....she was about 20 years old....(other than the lack of appropriate apparel)....



I'm sorry.


Where's the lack of "appropriate" apparel? grin.gif

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Yesterday I was nearly an hour over the end of my shift when I came across this 19 yoa male sitting in the center median of our very busy, very fatal state highway doing a burnout......wearing shorts......riding his 3 week old "Gixxer".


He drove out of the center median cut through and came face to face with me on our new 1200 RTP. It's black and white, but we haven't put the stripes on it yet. I U-turned and met him just around the corner.


I didn't write him because I was already an hour late getting off the street from a day that I thoroughly had my butt kicked for 10 hours. I wasn't in a mood to be nice though. I kinda,,,, hollered at him then let him go. I could have given him the 5 point ticket, along with the fine that's doubled because of the "safe corridor" area he was driving in.


I finished by telling him to get some proper training and that I didn't want to see him dead on the road.

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See that is why the TN trooper won't be collecting a paycheck from the fine state of Tennessee and I will still be collecting paychecks from the City of GR dopeslap.gif

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Footage or screen captures from the on-board videocam will suffice.... grin.gif

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And I thought your job was to generate revenue based upon some of the posts I read here. shsss, I hope you don't get into trouble for that risky verbal warning activity.

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Well technically my specific job is to manage the fleet of department vehicles, the installation of the equipment in them, and the repairs. I am essentially the S-4 for the department. I don't get to go "play" on the street...I am the lowest seniority Sergeant.....

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That is the question that I am sure the Tennessee Highway Patrol's Internal Affairs Unit is try to answer..... eek.gif

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Atlantic County NJ, Just outside of Atlantic City.


Regarding the TN officer,,,I hope that's not true?


Sad, but true, captured in part on his video. smile.gif

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