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2005 ST or 2007 ST ?


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A dealer has a leftover (red/silver) 2005 ST with 50 miles that has not been titled for $14,000. I can order a 2007 with the same equipment for about $15,800. Seems to me the 2005 has to go for $13,000 for this to even be in the running.


2005 ST's on Ebay have been running in the $11K range if they sell at all.


I will have to wait weeks for the 2007, but I have my '06 RT as a daily rider that I will sell when the '07 arrives.


I've always been more of a sport bike rider and my back hurts sitting up straight. Thanks for opinions.

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Well, I'd say it depends on two things:

1) Color. Yeah, it's a stupid thing, but if you like the red/silver scheme better than the all black or all silver colors, well, that's something...

2) Brakes. I like my servo brakes, but supposedly (I phrase it like that because I've never tried them) the '07's are just as good without the added complexity. I can't say that would be worth $2k for me though...


So, yeah, I'd say if you can get the dealer down to $13k, go for it. In a few years, like it or not, the '05 will have depreciated more than the '07 even though it was purchased at about the same time... So if you're planning on keeping it for less than 3 years, keep that in mind.


The dealer might not be willing to go down in price on the '05, but you might be able to get a bunch of extras from them to make up for it.

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Check to see if the warranty is the full 3/36 or if it's clock has been ticking. In Dec. 05, the dealers had a chance to buy the bikes for their inventory for some promotion money, and while it's technically untitled, the clock may have started on the warranty.

That shouldn't make it a deal breaker, but just something you should be aware of.

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I'd get the '07 just because of the lack of servo brakes, wish my RT and GT did'nt have them. I miss the brakes on my old '97 RT.



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The 2007 in black. No servo whine. thumbsup.gif


I like the servo whine. Especially when I'm at a light next to a car with a dog in it. lmao.gif


Seriously, I like the servo brakes on mine. thumbsup.gif

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