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Torrey XIII Adventure Day 1


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American Heritage Dictionary:




1. An undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature.


2. An unusual or exciting experience:


3. Participation in hazardous or exciting experiences: the love of adventure.


But what does the word really mean to you? For me this past weekend was the first true adventure I have had in a long time. Not to say that the riding I have done on the RT is not adventurous or exciting, but the GS or "Government Mule" as I like to call has allowed me to really set out on an adventure again.



Jesus the cat is always aware when I am going on a moto trip. He breaks the rules and hangs out in the King Richard Suite trying to talk reason to me. It never works.



Miko was waiting at the usual spot at 5am. We had agreed to go up to Cameron together, get some breakfast and then he was going to go camp on the North Rim (as in next to it) somewhere in the National Forest area for a few nights while I was going to go explore the area around Cottonwood Canyon before we would meet again on Friday in Torrey.



The Walmart of Indian curios and kitsch but the Trading post at Cameron has both clean restrooms and good food in the dining room.



Our steeds ready to go outside. The Corbin seat rocks for long trips.



This guy really was itching to hitch a ride with me.



After getting out of Page, I entered Utah . I came upon this accident where I spoke with a Utah Patrolman directing traffic around a guy who was driving a Budget rent a car while taking a nap. Not a good idea. I asked him about Cottonwood Canyon and he told me that other then a little sand, I would be fine on my moto. He then told me to look out for a wrecker which was pulling out a 18wheeler that was stuck somewhere on this dirt road because his GPS told him it was a short cut to Salt lake.



The front end of Cottonwood Canyon. From here it was about 47 miles to the entrance of Kodachrome State Park and after that about another 100 miles to Torrey.



The road soon was following Cottonwood Creek and you can see just below this layer of road to the left was some pretty fine sand.



About ten miles into the run I found the Wrecker coming out the other way. The road was dusty but firm.



This is the 18 Wheeler that went down the road because his GPS told him to. Crazy



This is the front loader then used to dig a spot where he could turn around in.



The road has some sandy spots and I had to be careful about my speed. I learned a lot about Sand this weekend.



Another nice spot on the road



Sand is a pain in neck to ride in. No getting around it. Ok the GS itself has a dry weight of about 450 pounds. Add about 100 pounds of oil, gasoline, luggage and camera equipment and it is heavy. This picture is actually the 2nd time I dropped it. You can see some of my gear at the top of the road about 80 yards up the road. The sand was about 18-24 inches deep here and like powder. When I went down the 1st time, I got some water and sat in the shade for a few minutes to get my heart rate down and see if any cars would be coming up behind me to help lift the mule up. Nada after about 20 minutes so I unloaded some gear, and dug a hole next to the bike. Remember it is 100 degrees out. I then leg pressed the bike back up. I should not have fallen the 2nd time but I looked at a rut from a previous car and where you look tends to be where you go. Repeated the process and then loaded all my gear up again. I then sat on the side of the road for another 30 minutes to get my head in a good place to ride on. I still had 30 miles to go but wasn’t sure if this was the worst of it, or just the start. Then 3 jeeps showed up and we talked about the road. They told me that this was the worst part of the road and after looking at my map I pressed on. Whew!



This area was spectacular.





After getting out of the dirt and back onto 12, I stopped at a motel/gas station/store in Cannonville Utah and had a gatorade and something to eat. There is no better feeling to know you got through something that was really tough. In hindsight I should have not taken that road alone but having done it, I am proud to say I did.



From there it was back on the bike and on to Torrey via Route 12



The mule resting just before heading out over the Escalante Staircase.



I met a really nice couple from Paris who had rented some Harley's for their wedding ride. Very nice people.



I really love this stretch of Highway 12


Passing through Boulder I decide I better stow my electrics before I cross the mountain since it looked like rain. As I was there I see a familiar K Bike and a blue RT zoom by. I head on down the road and see both sitting on the side of the road. Sure enough it is Todd and someone I have not met yet. I pull up and ask if all is ok. They were putting on their Gerbings. I called them wusses. Then Todd figured out it was me and gave me a big hug. His buddy Real was with him. Over the next few days I spent some great time with both of these two friends. It is a big reason why I love Torrey.



After checking into the Chuckwagon, I moto'd over to Killer's place to meet him and Calvin. Little did I know what lay in store for me there. It appears that Calvin and Killer have some sort of symbiotic relationship going on. Not unlike a Remora Calvin has become attached to Bob's Garage.



He has done the impossible and cleaned the uncleanable.



In fairness Bob did help



Don't they look great together?



We agreed to head to the RimRock Cafe for dinner. All of were hungry and while we had agreed to eat with Whip, Louise, and Kaneman, we set off without them. About 40 minutes later they arrived!



Mr. Kaneman got to meet the famous Pimp Daddy. The guy is AOK in my book. Oh don't call him Baby either.


After dinner we headed back to Killer's for a night cap and to tell stories. Here you can see Real next to Louise.



Kaneman worked late to make sure he got the day story posted on Adventure Rider. The man takes his reading public very seriously. You have to respect that in the brother.


All in all a good first day. And to think I was going to get to stay until Sunday!


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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I learned a lot about Sand this weekend.


Stand on the pegs, steer with your feet, and whatever you do...don't let off the gas.


You gotta pin it to win it, baby. grin.gif

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Dude...I would've had a coronary event having to pick up that bike a few times in that heat...more power to you. I've hopped over some huge boulders with my dakar in AZ, but I agree...nothing compares to fine sand, brutal!!! And you're right, there's more safety in numbers as it could've been worse...safe riding, bro.



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Nice job Tom!!!


Makes me all the more sad;


A - I Couldn't be there.


B - The GSA didn't arrive in time to take.


C - I had promotional testing during the Torrey trip AND a force hire.


Looking forward to getting to ride with you on some dirty roads! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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I thought Bob's pics were hard to look at, but this...




That's just paradise to me.


Nicely done, sir. thumbsup.gif

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Nice ride tale Tom. I too was utterly surprised at the garage. I think Calvin has secured lodging anywhere he wants in the US after this trip. (Hello Calvin... wanna fix an old 635csi? smile.gif )


As always, great seeing you again.

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