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Hi All - Like many people before me, I've been lurking for some time. I've posted a couple of times trying to find the impossible, so I thought it was finally time to introduce my bike smile.gif 2002 R1150RT and looking to add miles! If your ride has you traveling anywhere in Middle Georgia, let me know.




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Welcome! This is great place to learn about your bike and have fun keeping up on almost everything! A wonderful crew of people with lots of stories and helpful tips! Enjoy! wave.gif

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The last time I was in middle Georgia, they cut off almost all my hair, dressed in bag green outfits, and yelled at me for two years.

I will admit I liked the boiled peanuts and the fresh peach dacqueries. Oh well, that was another lifetime ago.

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I will admit I liked the boiled peanuts


You could always try steamed cardboard to bring back those sweet memories eek.gif

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